Thursday, February 3, 2011

PC Gamer Magazine Review


This is my first blog on! Today, I will review the PC Gamer Magazine.
I've received the subscription of PC Gamer from a friend for Christmas! This is the 2011 January Edition.

What's included in this PC Game Bundle.
  • A 99 Page Magazine
  • A PC Game Demo Disc, including Algannon: After the Dawning, 3DMark11, Bejeweled 3 and the entire February Edition of PC Gamer on a .pdf file!

PC Gamer was founded in Britain in 1993 always on the track to being the most read PC Gaming Magazine ever. PC Gamer is published by a company called Future Publishing. They advertise the newest and hottest games out there now, preview of upcoming games, and Classic Game such as PacMan.

In the January Edition has the newest and hottest game that me and my friends play, called "League of Legends".
This online RPG-Based game is a team based strategy game included 20+ characters to play as and weekly "Free Players" that are selected for you to play without cost (You have to buy other champions to play them permanently.

The highlights of this book is:
  1. League of Legends (p.20)
  2. Top100 ranking of the greatest PC Games of all time.
  3. Catacylsm the all new World Of Warcraft Game
  4. And the GTX 580 (1.5GB of DDR5 Memory) GPU.
PC Gamer Magazine include the Hottest New Computer builds with "LCS" Liquid Cooling System to all those Computer enthusiast that "OC" OverClock" their CPU (Central Processing Unit), meaning they add more voltage to the CPU to make it faster in Ghz (Gigahertz). The current leading GPU (Graphics) is the GTX 580 (In my opinion and tested in 3DMark11, Vantage, Crysis, Dirt 2, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R).

Every magazine includes a "Savings Voucher" that can get you savings on subscription to PC Gamer for your friends (Or like me, for a present).

So, for all you computer enthusiast, what do you think is the most effective GPU out there right now?

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